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‘Flickering Lights,’ arranged and recorded during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic (June 2019), is a song about finding hope in times of grief and loss. A music video, danced by Andrea Ward, was also released at the same time. Vocals – Gabrielle Cavassa, Piano – Oscar Rossignoli, Guitar – Sam Dickey, Bass – Martin Mazakowski, Violin, Viola – Gabrielle Fischer, Cello – Jennie Brent, Percussion – Michelle Welchons

‘Forest’ is a collaboration between Michelle Welchons and vocalist/songwriter Mariama Ndure. Recorded at Medusa Studios in Gainsville, FL, 2015, it speaks to the journey of awakening one experiences in nature.
Vocals – Mariama Ndure, Vocal, Keys, Bells – Michelle Welchons, Drums – Xander Crook, Bass – Victor Loureiro

A love letter to Afro-Caribbean music – Zanye is an original composition/arrangement by Michelle Welchons based on a traditional Haitian Vodou song for Gede Zaranyen. New Orleans, LA, 2020.
Trumpet-Stephen Lands, Sax-Brad Walker, Trombone-Peter Gustafson, Piano-Oscar Rossignoli, Bass-Wil Thompson, Drums-Gerald T. Watkins, Jr., Percussion-Michelle Welchons

‘I Sing’ is an original a capella composition by Michelle Welchons. Recorded in New Orleans, LA, 2020. Video by Jennie Brent.
Singers : Anna Moss, Gabrielle Cavassa, Sabine McCalla, Michelle Welchons.

‘Introspection’ is Welchons’ debut EP. Gainesville, FL, 2015.